Our project

We belong to a transitional generation : most of the women of our ages are coping with – family, professional and social – challenges that are different from those faced by their elders.

When it comes to make a decision and to chose a direction for our future, we often fear to cross a threshold, because of apprehension or self-censorship. We assume these doubts are particularly specific to women and may be the origin of deadlocks, and prevent us from acting according to what we truly wish.

There is sometimes a lack of impulse, which is not necessarily synonymous of madness but is more about conviction and confidence.

Confidence mainly comes from the existence of women « models » that would inspire us: women we would like to be in line with.

From that statement, we decided to create a series of original portraits of exceptional women at their own level who may be inspiration models for young women in 2015.


  • To meet women all around the world, those who « occupy the earth », who form the world and who are not afraid to change
  • To seek inspiration elsewhere, open up to new cultures and horizons, find new life models, who may have an impact on our lives
  • To stimulate our ambition through those women testimonies and to encourage us to « form the earth » as well by ourselve

Who is an exceptional woman?

A woman who is brave enough to live the life she wants, regardless any pressure or society’s perspective.

A woman who outshines to fulfill her dream or to support her ideals and beliefs.

I Know an amazing woman for you !